Wolves of the Wild

A realistic wolf RPG with wild packs and secrets to be found. Choose the lonely wolf life. Or be a pack member and serve the pack.
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Ruins of Wildwood!
Kel's Top 50 Top 50 Wolf RPG

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PostSubject: RULES-READ BEFORE JOINING   Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:04 pm

OOC Rules:
-No flaming or bahsing. No making another user feel uncomfortable with harsh or mean ways.
-3 Strikes you're out
-If there is a problem, contact me on my account or as Namara. I will resolve the matter.
-Keep everything realistic. Make sure you use reasonable eye and fur colors. Species and markings.
-A hatred between characters is not a hatred between players!
-Only 1 character can be made 2 weeks. Gives time to settle in with the first character.
-Please make sure you don't cause out of RP drama
-Please post in appropriate forums

IC Rules:
-Only leaders of a pack can have pups
-we'd prefer if you enter the game as a wolf over the age of 1 (A yearling or adult) because it is highly unlikely for a pup to travel far from they're parents.
-Breeding season is rules/is:
-October 1st-31st is when females go into heat and can mate to expect pups
-Pups are usually born from late December to early January.
-Technically only pack leaders will have pups, because a lone wolf's chances of keeping the pups alive is slim
-Only the alpha pair can have pups, but special permission may be given by alpha's. Check the packs rules. Each pack has they're own set of rules.

-No heavily detailed mating or violence
-4 sentance minimum- Try to describe!
-Please make sure to wait for approval of you're wolf before you start RPGing.
-You may only play one lead character, this id because then you can do whatever you want with a pack with no one to argue with, the pack's fate is not up yo you and you alone.
-Please RP in 3rd person, the only exceptions are thoughts and speech.

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