Wolves of the Wild

A realistic wolf RPG with wild packs and secrets to be found. Choose the lonely wolf life. Or be a pack member and serve the pack.
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OOC Name: Striker
How you found us: Top Wolf RPG Site
Desired Wolf Name: Striker
Description of wolf: Striker is a grey wolf with red markings under his eyes on his back and ears. He also has blue eyes picture coming soon. Striker is a silent wolf used for speed and stealth. He rarely talks to anyone and prefers to be alone. He tends to stay away from waves he dislikes so he won't start a fight.
Gender: male
Pup or Adult: Adult 3 years
Small Medium or Large(If adult): Medium
RP Sample(Word limit applies):
Striker walked slowly across the ever growing woods. Soon realizing he was finally alone he laid down to rest. He was happy, but he didn't show it since he rarely showed his emotions or anything really. Soon after a while of resting he started off again his goal was to find a land to call his own or maybe a pack to live with, but to be honest he truest wasn't a pack wolf. Striker seemed to always get kicked out or left behind since he didn't spend much time with the pack or helped them. Soon a scent of caribou fled to his nostrils normally he would gallop towards it to eat, but he smelt wolf too and they normally would hunt it as well and he didn't want to share a hunt and meal or be attacked. So still he continued to walk on trudging ever so slowly.
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Striker the Silent
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